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Species: Aromantias Snake
Aromanita`s snake or Stench snake is a short snake native to the Aromrita continent.
It is most commonly found in Moita where the vegetation is lush.

It feeds on frogs, rodents and certain insects.
The insects it eats are those that come of as foul tasting and/or bad smelling to others.
With these insects it creates a very bad smelling liquid in its body that it can excrete through holes around its neck in order to repel possible threats.

It is however harmless and rarely extends 1 meter in length.
Females are thicker than the males and lays 10-25 egg under rotten foliage once a year. Or even twice if food is plentiful.
Its name as Stench Snake comes as no surprise but the name Aromantias derives from a folktale figure in Aromrita.

By tales Aromantia is a tall and thin hag with several arms wandering the lands with many jugs and baskets on her back.
Her luggage is heavy, making her back curved.
In some tales the jugs are so heavy that she have to support her own weight with her long thin arms, making her seem insect-like in appearance.

She walks bare-feet and is only clothed in worn robes. her face always hidden under a large hood.
Sometimes shes depicted with a staff made of wood. Similar to a shepherds staff.

The jugs she carries are filled with a gas so foul that it can kill the old and sick and force entire villages to be abandoned.
Due to the content of her luggage she herself is always surrounded in a unwashable odor, making it very hard to even be near her.

In the tales she may enter a village asking for food or water and a place to rest.
If one fail to provide she will release the stench and the village will fall to ruin cause of it.

© L.I.J
Species: Tarugar
The Tarugar. A heavy and compact omnivore.
It is found most commonly in the swamplands of Moita but there are other variations of this animal in many other countries.
An hardy and adaptive animal.

They live in groups of 3-7 female animals and their offspring.
Males wander around in search of females willing to breed.
They are great swimmers and spend most of their day in the water eating aquatic plants and the occasional fish.
They will also eat dead animals should they find any.

Males will fight each-other for the right to breed.
The fighting consist of heavy slams with the tail.
Males are are not bigger than the female in height but their tails are thicker and with larger spikes and held closer to the ground when walking.

The females are calm animals and it is not uncommon to see females used as freight/work animals.

© L.I.J
Muthuruh and Moita flora
Tigree tree.
A large and tall tree that lives in symbiosis with a fast growing mushroom. Both native to the swamps of Moita.
The tree itself lack strong roots and can easily be tipped over, However the fungi in it creates a elaborate rooting system for it. This keeping the tree standing.
Without the fungi the tree wouldnt survive.

Walking barnacle.
Native to Muthuruh. Grows randomly here and there.
It have gotten its name due to its appearance.
The growths on its top, even though still wood, are very hard. They collect rain. (what little there is in Muthuruh)
The water is stored in fruit like bulbs on its underside.
The "fruits" are hard to open but have been lifesavers to many wanderers.

© L.I.J
A reptilian like fish native to Moita.
It have gotten its name due to the males flaring up in bright colors before and during spawn.
Like some fish it is able to breath out of water and with its leg-like fins it can relocate itself from one river or pond to another.

They are however rare to come by now, as they have been overly hunted for food and exotic trade.
They average at about 1.5 meters with its tail, but tales tell of beasts over 5 meters long.

© L.I.J


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So uh... I've finally managed to pick up my 3ds again after all these months and I apologize but.... do you still have that genesect? and also a time it would be convienient for you for us to trade?
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It is in my pokebank somewhere as i restarted my x and y.
Should be able to move it back i think. Though ultra sun/moon have happen sins so ive been playing that.
Also there have been a Genesect event aswell XD; you totally could have gotten one then.
Siseja-sama Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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i dont think it would. I shall move it over on my UMoon game.
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I hope you're proud of your latest works. Also your world can be a harsh place
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How has everything been?  Wanted to see how you're doing :-)
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Hey you! How you been? Miss talking to ya!
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Hey there! I just found you, and then I see you're from Norway like me! :D 
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